Bipartisan Criticism Faced By Trump Over Press Conference With Putin

Bipartisan Criticism Faced By Trump Over Press Conference With Putin

Harsh bipartisan criticism was faced back home by President Trump for his Helsinki press conference on July 16 with Vladimir Putin, as lawmakers asserted the US president let pass an opportunity to “confront”  the Russian president on interfering with the election.

The US president, for his portion, referred the meeting with Putin “intensely productive.” Subsequent to Democrats for days appealing him to nix the conference following condemnations against Russian officers for hacking the US campaign, Trump said he wouldn’t make verdicts on foreign policy in a pointless attempt to placate partisan critics.”

He mentioned progress on an array of problems and stated it would be an “excellent thing” to relate well to Russia. Nevertheless, the president infuriated associates of both parties by mentioning both countries share responsibility for dented relations and by not determinedly sticking by the US intelligence evaluations that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections.

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican Senator, mentioned in her tweet that Trump let pass an occasion to hold Russia responsible for interfering in the presidential election of 2016. Also, Graham stated Trump should have presented a strong forewarning to Putin to stay out of upcoming US elections.

Mark Warner, Virginia Democratic Senator, frazzled that Russia “extremely intruded” in the presidential election. He mentioned it is apparent that the aim of Russia was to hurt Hillary Clinton and assist Donald Trump.

Paul Ryan, GOP House Speaker, stated there is no doubt that Russia meddled in the election and keeps making attempts to weaken democracy in the US and across the globe. He mentioned President Trump must realize that Russia isn’t our friend and should hold Russia responsible.

Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican Senator, tweeted that it is “reprehensible” that Trump would hold the US responsible for the bad behavior of Russia. Trump cited both nations have been stupid over several years. Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican Senator, argued that accusing both nations was weird and flat-out wrong.

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