Space Tourists Eager After Third Successful Test Fight By VSS Unity

Space Tourists Eager After Third Successful Test Fight By VSS Unity

Do you want to travel to space?

Well! Richard Branson will soon give you an opportunity to do just that.

Branson’s is on his third test flight which has also been successful with Virgin Galactic, his venture with his space plane, VSS Unity. This event which took place on Thursday will soon be able to carry civilians to their dream flight to space, after its successful travel.

Breaking sound barriers and going on a supersonic flight is almost not possible, but Richard Branson is going to change all of this, soon with his Virgin Galactic.

His Unity has entered Mesosphere, the layer which is just above the earth’s atmosphere. This layer is beyond the range of ordinary aircraft or of balloon flight. Unity powered along on its first entry into Mesosphere, as it flew at almost vertically at a high altitude of 170,800 feet.

Unity was released over the Mojave Desert in California from the carrier aircraft, VMS Eve at an altitude of 46,500 feet. VSS Unity separated from its carrier aircraft and went soaring up into space.

With a speed of Mach2.47, the Unity pushed along, flown by Dave Mackay and Mike Masucci, its two pilots, surpassing the top speed of Concorde which was Mach 2.02.

In April, the passenger spaceflight was carried on by Virgin, after three and a half years, after Space Ship Two Virgin Galactic had a fatal crash.

The second test flight was carried on just a month later. The space plane was able to successfully fly at a speed of Mach 1.9 and at an altitude of 114,500 feet.

Providing commercial service is our goal says, Masucci. By completing test points, we will be able to do it, he says. Going on flights is a beautiful experience that is most exciting too, he adds.

Space tourists can prepare to go aboard VSS Unity soon, Richard Branson says.

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