Facebook App’s Navigation Bar To Get A Huge Modification

Soon you might witness a huge change arriving on Facebook app for both iOS and Android. The social media company is aiming to personalize the apps’ navigation bar that is discovered to be at the bottom on iOS devices and on top in Android on the screen. As cited by the company to the media, the navigation bar will be displaying shortcuts that you often use.

The Facebook app presently displays 5 icons for the Friend request section, News Feed, Notifications, Marketplace, and the Menu. After the upgrade, the application is claimed to keep the Notifications, News Feed, and Menu icons intact but the other paces will display other sections that you employ the most. These can be anything from shortcuts to see your Friend requests, Profile, Groups, Marketplace, and Watch.

“We require the shortcuts obtainable in the navigation bar to imitate how a person employs Facebook,” claimed Facebook product manager, Alexa Andrzejewski, to the media in an interview. “To that end, we are modifying mobile shortcuts so everybody can more simply link with their most frequently employed services,” he claimed.

It has been cited that consumers are expected to see 4–6 icons within the app’s forthcoming energetic navigation bar. Those icons not present from the navigation bar will be seen in the Menu bar. Moreover, whenever a fresh icon is included to the navigation bar, the consumer will be notified.

Even though Facebook is claimed to have begun testing this functionality back in February 2018, it will be launching it out to more than 2 Billion of its consumers all over world over the upcoming few weeks.

On a similar note, In its quarter two 2018 earnings call, Facebook unveiled that the highest number of daily active consumers originate from the Asia-Pacific area. The company touched a total of 1,471 million daily active users.

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