“Little Birds Sing” Quotes Musk From The Bible On A Lawsuit Against Him

Martin Tripp claims that his former employer, Elon Musk is defaming him.

Tripp was fired by the company a month back on accusations of stealing trade secrets. But Tripp has sought the help of an attorney to file a case against Tesla. He has lodged a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

When Tripp was working at the Gigafactory where Tesla batteries are manufactured, he observed waste and scraps piling up. Seeing the huge pile of waste, he raised concern about the wastage to his managers. But no one took any action on the matter.

In 2018, May 16, Tripp went ahead to inform about the wastage to the CEO of the company, to Musk himself. He also followed it up with a graphical presentation. Later the same day, he was asked to clean up the area.

Tripp refused to clean it up. Tripp had earlier complained about the issue to his superiors but they had not addressed the issue. But suddenly they wanted him to clean it up.

Mr. Tripp declined to do the work, as he wanted Mr. Musk to see for himself the manner in which Gigafactory at Nevada was operating. Comments passed between Tripp and the rest of the workers at Tesla.

 Later, an email was sent by Musk stating that an employee was out to sabotage the computer systems. On 20 June Tripp has been accused of sabotage, just days after the email.

Tripp has now employed lawyers to help him file a case against Tesla and its owner. They state that “information provided against him is false”. They have also claim concern over “high level of scrap and waste” and “battery modules are punctured”.

They also question “how the company knows every detail of Mr. Tripp’s location?” Tripp has filed a countersuit against Tesla.

Tesla replied “little birds sing”, a quotation from the Bible in Ecclesiastes 10-20

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