FB Bans Accounts That Could Potentially Interfere With The US Elections

FB is on a mission to eradicate the accounts from the social media network, which reveal the simplest trace of uncertainty regarding the US elections.

Presently, it had banned 32 accounts as well as pages. According to the company, these have the possibilities of sabotaging the upcoming mid-term elections, due in November. However, a representative from the company also stated that the investigation is at a preliminary stage.

He also stated that the creators of the pages and accounts have gone to a huge extent in hiding their identity which is more intense than the Russian-based IRA or Internet Research Agency campaign, created to impose negative effects on the presidential election in 2016. In fact, these pages are using VPN or Virtual Private Networks as well as third parties to run ads and conceal the locations.

The social media giant has suspected 17 FB and 7 Instagram accounts. These accounts had posted more than 9,500 contents in Facebook and 1 in Instagram. One of these pages was even followed by none less than 290,000 people.

In fact, these accounts also ran around 150 ads on Instagram and Facebook which produced whopping revenue of $11,000 or £8,300.

Some of the fake accounts include Black Elevation, Resisters, Mindful Being, Aztlan Warriors, and others.

In spite of the immense endeavor to hide the identity, Facebook has been successful in locating a connecting link between the new accounts and the IRA. One of the IRA accounts that have been disabled posted an event on Facebook through the page of Resisters. In fact, it was also listed as one of the administrators of an IRA account.

The spokesperson from Facebook also revealed that the original identity of the fake accounts may never be revealed. However, he stated that the new imposters may be a revamped version of IRA or a separate group with immense capabilities.

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