Evolution Of Small Height Happened Twice In Flores, Indonesia

According to a new study, the evolution of the small heights has occurred twice in Indonesia.

The scientists have been successful in decoding the DNA of the pygmy people from the modern times. This has enabled them to understand that they are have descended from the Hobbit species, which is extinct.

15 years back, the remaining parts of the Hobbits were discovered in Flores, Indonesia. However, the scientists have confirmed that the people from the present day don’t have even the simplest trace of the DNA structure of Hobbit.

Small species of humans, with scientific name Homo floresiensis, were found in Liang Bua cave on the island. These were also named Hobbit, which created a stir among the people. They were around a meter high and dwelled in the island before the Homo sapiens invaded. It is believed that the species have gone extinct none less than ten thousand years ago.

This research is crucial as the scientists believed that the human beings from the modern world are an amalgamation of the hobbit and Home sapiens. However, the study has been successful in proving otherwise. Along with it, the reason for the evolution of the small size on the island can be identified.

The pygmy populations, who are unusually shorter than an average human being, have never been scrutinized. The latest analysis proved that the pygmies from the Flores Island have descended from the Hobbit species. The DNA structure of the pygmies matches partially with Neanderthals and Denisovans, who were a type of an early human species. It was also concluded that the gene of the modern-day pygmies contributes to their herbivorous diet and unexpectedly short height.

According to the team of scientists, Flores is responsible for the short heights of the living beings and has witnessed small height twice.

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